Family Sports and Fitness

This is the first website that I launched and was made for Family Sports and Fitness, a fitness facility where I worked for over seven years before and during my undergraduate degree at UNC Charlotte. The site was made custom from top to bottom as both a business need for FSF and for porfoilio building for myself.

Click to visit: Family Sports and Fitness Site

Black Box Mod

This is the second website that I launched and was made to be my online porfolio and hub that links to and gives a summary of my other works. It was developed with NodeJS with an ExpressJS backend serving EJS pages with functionality implemented in the form of JQuery. This site is mostly meant, in addition to the above, to display a solid understanding of the fundamental methods of web development. This, like all of my other websites, is responsive, rendering properly on any device.


This website acts as a hub for all of the different podcasts that one of my clients needed where they would be able to connect all of them together. They also wanted to have a place where they could write articles for their audience. The site is made with NodeJS using an Express backend and the client has the ability to post new podcasts and articles from an administrative control panel.

Click to visit: Rogcasts

WNC Beer Tours

This is one of my current projects as a Freelance Web Developer wherein I am creating a web application for a startup company in Asheville, NC that needs an online presence to provide its services for brewery tours. The application will display information about the business, lists tours, processes payments and sends information about the client to the business for reservations. The current site consists of a landing page, as the client is waiting for pandemic restrictions to end before launching the business.

Trophy Heaven

This is an ecommerce website that I made for a local small business that is an engraving service. They also sell clothing to other businesses and needed a website to facilitate the transactions without having to physically visit the business and set up. This site makes use of the popular payment gateway Stripe and also integrates PayPal. There is no need for a user to create a profile in order to purchase their products and checkout is fast and simple!

Click to visit: Trophy Heaven

Twitter Bot and SEO

I wrote and continually update a twitter bot in my spare time that I use for data collection, marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Having a strong social media presence can give a brand/business a major boost and I experiment with not only collecting data about various industries but I also use the platform to promote them. You can visit my hybrid twitter profile that acts both as my personal account and this bot account, see link in footer.

Game Design

My experience in game development comes from my associates degree in Simulation and Game Development where I worked in teams to develop different aspects of games. From 3D modeling, texturing, animation and level design, I have completed different games as in-class projects.

Audio/Video Editing

During my associates degree I became familiar with many different software tools that are used in audio and video editing. Premiere Studio and Audacity are just two programs that I used mainly to create custom game audio and to also edit videos. I still have a good grasp of the principles of audio and video editing.